Ah Mo

by Arthur Griffin

Book Reviews

  • @LibertyRPF My children's book is below. These stories were read to me when I was eight years old. And to my father when he was that age. Collected originally by my great grandfather. https://t.co/XvlsNuMlGVLink to Tweet
  • My Great Grandfather collected stories from Native Americans as part of his work as a lawyer to help them assert their treaty rights. His clients called him "Old Stone Axe." Those stories are collected in two books that I edited: https://t.co/XvlsNuucsNLink to Tweet
  • @peg9136 The bedtime stories I was told as a child I rewrote in the form of a book entitled "Ah Mo." I rewrote the stories to make them less scary than the originals tho. 100% my book income goes to charity so there is no CAC or LTV! https://t.co/XvlsNuucsNLink to Tweet

About Book

These never before published native legends from the Pacific Northwest were collected by Judge Arthur Griffin and have been passed down through the generations in the Griffin Family since 1884.