Abigail (New York Review Books Classics)

by Magda Szabo

Book Reviews

  • @erikphoel Abigail is both Szabó’s best book by far (although The Fawn is something special too) and that TV series - made in 1970s Hungary… An unlikely gem but I’m yet to see an equally good miniseries from any country!Link to Tweet
  • @nixseah Though her most astonishing book are: Abigail (by far - a masterpiece!) https://t.co/ww20tW75OQ And The Fawn https://t.co/pCG2TNfDXMLink to Tweet

About Book

Fourteen-year-old Gina, the spoiled daughter of a Hungarian general, rails against being sent to boarding school far from Budapest when war breaks out, but finds help in a statue of Abigail and her new "sisters."