A Wealth of Common Sense

by Ben Carlson

Category: Finance

Book Reviews

  • Enjoyed this good read on personal finance and the importance of disciplined investor behavior. https://t.co/6a6VvAQdu8Link to Tweet
  • @PerfinBusiness Check out my first book. I try to lay it all out for ppl of any finance knowledge https://t.co/c8F2f0O44dLink to Tweet

About Book

"The financial market is a complex system, but that doesn't mean it requires a complex strategy; in fact, this false premise is the driving force behind many investors' market 'mistakes.' Information is important, but understanding and perspective are the keys to better decision-making. This book describes [a] way to view the markets and your portfolio, and [outlines] strategies that [may] make investing more profitable, less confusing, and less time-consuming"--Amazon.com.

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