A New Kind of Science

by Stephen Wolfram

Book Reviews

  • @PessoaBrain This is what's described in @stephen_wolfram A New Kind of Science (two decades ago!). https://t.co/Xx6dJb6uvwLink to Tweet
  • @GaryMarcus @MaharriT @NautilusMag When computers were invented did we change how we did science? Was that a fundamental change? Have you read Wolfram's ANKS, that argues that if computers came before calculus then science would be very different. To what extent is DL fundamental, that's unresolved.Link to Tweet
  • 15 years since A New Kind of Science, and now it's clear it's not just about science... (#AI, NN, future, ...) https://t.co/i5cXoB61Un https://t.co/YZoxcBBkC3Link to Tweet

About Book

NOW IN PAPERBACK"€"Starting from a collection of simple computer experiments"€"illustrated in the book by striking computer graphics"€"Stephen Wolfram shows how their unexpected results force a whole new way of looking at the operation of our universe.