A Dozen Lessons for Entrepreneurs (Columbia Business School Publishing)

by Tren Griffin

Book Reviews

  • Book 30 Lesson: The ideal flywheel a founder wants to create is a phenomenon where courage becomes self-reinforcing. https://t.co/INUm3zuCcDLink to Tweet
  • 1/ Running through the data in this well written thread are themes that I wrote about in my 2017 book "A Dozen Lessons for Entrepreneurs" https://t.co/sQuRjtGtJn and numerous posts on my 25iQ blog at https://t.co/tRXO9ehusq https://t.co/0D2MZk0vzILink to Tweet
  • @naresh_sunkara @lpolovets @jposhaughnessy @bznotes @sarah_cone @morganhousel Risk is still the wrong idea in an early stage investing environment. https://t.co/BC21YH8MO3 There are 300 free 25iQ blog posts here: https://t.co/tRXO9ehusq and my book on entrepreneurs and VC which supports a charity called No Kid Hungry. https://t.co/sQuRjtGtJnLink to Tweet
  • @irrvrntVC @brooksmorgan @anothercohen @PitchBook One of my blog posts: https://t.co/waYcBZL0KT Another: https://t.co/t3YTPXoRi8 My book which raises money for charity: https://t.co/sQuRjtGtJnLink to Tweet
  • @aGabrielJones @auren Started at zero in 1994. Seven years. Raised $1.3 billion. That 1994 was a while ago means bupkis when you are my age. You are mistaken about who pays a salary. Having the right VC is non-trivially important. My book is https://t.co/sQuRjtGtJnLink to Tweet
  • 2/ As an example, I wrote 300 blog posts at 25iQ. To raise money for charity, I selected ~ 40 blog posts, removed them from the web and published them in traditional book format. The essays were professionally edited, but ~ the same. What's the difference? https://t.co/sQuRjtGtJnLink to Tweet
  • @pitdesi @micahjay1 I've written about many investors working at all stages and see themes but also see variations on those themes. I write about 37 venture capital investors in my book https://t.co/sQuRjtGtJn and there are more on https://t.co/9ecXnywrjR. I'm sure your style works for you.Link to Tweet

About Book

A Dozen Lessons for Entrepreneurs shows how the insights of leading venture capitalists can teach readers to create a unique approach to building a successful business. By better understanding the views and experiences of a wide range of entrepreneurs, readers can discern which of many possible paths will lead to success.