7 Powers

by Hamilton Helmer

Category: Business & Economics

Book Reviews

  • 9/ 7 Powers: excellent book that describes the 7 strategic powers that create differentiation and lasting business success: scale economies, network effects, counter-positioning (my favorite), switching costs, branding, cornered resource, process power https://t.co/zTXyF08BgzLink to Tweet
  • Counter positioning is how upstarts beat incumbents. It is when a new company adopts a business model that incumbents can’t copy because it would hurt their existing business. Netflix’s no late fees on rentals versus Blockbuster is the canonical example. https://t.co/1tw2VKOKrpLink to Tweet
  • 7 Powers, for creating & leveraging assets for long-term competitive advantage https://t.co/lfNXDLxoF8Link to Tweet
  • @DanGrover I’d recommend 7 powers which is a good intro to strategic thinking at the company level https://t.co/1tw2VKOKrpLink to Tweet
  • 5 book recos for Eng Mgrs & Tech Leads (from a Product Mgr's perspective) 1) Peopleware for managing people & projects 2) Super Thinking for frameworks 3) What Got You Here Won't Get You There for adapting 4) Are Your Lights On? for problem solving 5) 7 Powers for strategy https://t.co/vV4P5BKjsoLink to Tweet
  • Some of the points in this thread are related to Counter-positioning, my favorite of Helmer's 7 strategic powers: "A newcomer adopts a new, superior business model which the incumbent does not mimic due to anticipated damage to their existing business." https://t.co/bJTtjnzqpDLink to Tweet
  • 5/ Essential reads: Good Strategy Bad Strategy: https://t.co/Y5n93RWS2s Divinations newsletter: https://t.co/pfX2vF2WPr The Innovator's Dilemma: https://t.co/qBDiRpnr0Y 7 Powers: https://t.co/qek7elRewF Good to Great: https://t.co/3W3QWDqRrzLink to Tweet
  • More July 2020 book recommendations for product people: 1. Understanding Michael Porter 2. Practical Empathy 3. The Charisma Myth 4. 7 Powers 5. Getting Things Done 6. The Art of Thinking Clearly https://t.co/7A1xviJ2sjLink to Tweet
  • Must-read books on strategy: 1. Understanding Michael Porter, by Joan Magretta 2. 7 Powers, by Hamilton Hemler 3. Good Strategy / Bad Strategy, by Richard P. Rumelt (most of the ideas above have been synthesized from these three books)Link to Tweet
  • 1/ 25iQuiz: Can you name a business which typifies each of the "7 Powers" in the book of the same name? 1. Scale Economies 2. Network Economies 3. Counter-Positioning 4. Switching Costs 5. Branding 6. Cornered Resource 7. Process Power https://t.co/pdwHpWJhcb https://t.co/qxeP8iSG2MLink to Tweet
  • 1/ Books: • Escaping the Build Trap by @lissijean • The Messy Middle by @scottbelsky • Crossing the Chasm by @geoffreyamoore • Product-led Growth by @wes_bush • 7 Powers by Hamilton W. Helmer • High Out Management by Andy GroveLink to Tweet
  • I’m only halfway in but I can already tell I’m gonna preach 7 Powers with the zeal of the recently converted https://t.co/pCmGbgAwD6Link to Tweet
  • @akarlyang @AliBHamed @RomeenSheth @rabois 7 Power is very good. Among the best books I've read on moats... I've been surprised to not find very many good ones.Link to Tweet

About Book

7 Powers details a strategy toolset that enables you to build an enduringly valuable company. It was developed by Hamilton Helmer drawing on his decades of experience as a strategy advisor, equity investor and Stanford University teacher. This is must reading for any business person and applies to all businesses, new or mature, large or small.