by Elliot Ackerman

Book Reviews

  • Last year, the former NATO Supreme Allied Commander Europe coauthored a fictional book. It was about a China/US skirmish that escalated quickly, culminating in cities getting nuked in tit-for-tat fashion. He's said it was meant as a warning. https://t.co/1oLpnCZistLink to Tweet
  • The book 2034 by @elliotackerman (fmr USMC) explores near-future cyberwar. It's good at illustrating a well-known fact: cyberwar defense is very poor. On-chain code is a paradigmatically different alternative, due to surviving constant economic attack. https://t.co/1oLpnCZistLink to Tweet
  • I started with this Wired excerpt and couldn’t put down the book. Great read of a future that seems far too possible and one that we certainly don’t want. https://t.co/9coMNvuhxKLink to Tweet
  • For the past six weeks, we’ve been releasing excerpts from ‘2034,’ a novel by @stavridisj and @elliotackerman. The book is a supremely well-informed look at a potential war between the US and China. Let’s hope things never come to that 1/ https://t.co/CdoZAfVFWALink to Tweet