Murali Vasudevan

Murali Vasudevan

Technology is eating me for breakfast


5 Book Recommendations by Murali Vasudevan

  • Argues that human freedom is threatened by systems of intelligent persuasion developed by tech giants who compete for our time and attention. This title is also available as Open Access.

    An important book to read on digital ethics, esp for students and freshers who are mindless in programming our world. It should also be a reminder, it is a very developed country view of the world. Thanks @NineDotsPrize, @WilliamsJames_ @nireyal

  • One off my bucket list. Happy to join the #foundation and #isaacasimov cult. What a romp. #sciencefiction @sfwa @kyliu99 @TheHugoAwards @marthawells1 #scifi

  • Cheap changes everything -- The magic of prediction -- Why it's called intelligence -- Data is the new oil -- The new division of labor -- Unpacking decisions -- The value of judgment -- Taming complexity -- What machines can learn -- Fully automated decision-making -- Deconstructing workflows -- Decomposing decisions -- Job redesign -- AI in the C-suite -- When AI transforms your business -- Managing AI risk -- Beyond business

    @patrick_oshag This book helped me sort out how to think about #AI and got me started on my first #AI based tool. @avicgoldfarb @joshgans @professor_ajay.

  • Hooked

    Nir Eyal

    Outlines a model for innovating engaging products that encourage profitable customer behavior without costly advertising or aggressive messaging, drawing on the author's experiences as a startup founder to identify specific actionable steps.

    @nireyal @Flipkart @Walmart @BNBuzz @AmazonKindle My 9 year old daughter. How does she find new categories or authours ? She is not old enough to read book reviews. Friends and Bookshelves. I am interested in understanding what is the web equivalent. BTW, I learnt a lot from your booked "The Hooked"

  • State of Fear

    Michael Crichton

    @asteroid_saku Recommended reading Michael Crichton - Stare of Fear